Seniors fill the courtyard for the 2013 class photo

Standing on top of the roof, Yearbook Adviser Ryan McCallum overlooked the courtyard directing his fourth block class in rearranging jump ropes to outline the numbers one and three for the senior class photo.

Photo by Lunderbys

“I was worried it was going to be chaotic” said Senior Sam Vanmuyden “But the jump ropes were brilliant and kept us all in the right shape.”

The yearbook class spent all block trying to perfect the number.  Many students helped in the preparation of taking and setting up the photo.

“I had to clean up the jump ropes,” said Senior Bucky Ogdahl. “ I had to untangle and rewrap them back up and put them in the bins. I mentor gym fourth block and I got stuck with that job, it sucked.”

Taken off guard that the picture was even happening that day, students piled through the doorways scrambling to find their groups of friends to stand next to in the big 13.

“I had no idea we were taking the picture that day” said Senior Mary Ogdahl, “We all just kinda tried to fit in the lines.”

Being put amongst 417 other student, many wanted to stand out and make themselves noticed.

“It was fun to be part of a school tradition” said Senior Ian Warpula. “I smiled my very best smile to really impact the picture. I’m going to put the picture in a golden frame and hang it in my house so I can always look back on it.”

Photo by Lunderbys

Story by: Maddi Herzfeld & Bailey Hanson

Photos by:  Lunderby Photography

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