Night In for Music – Music Department Fundraiser gets a new look for 2021

How the popular BHS event has changed due to the pandemic

Night Out for Music was canceled last year due to the lockdown, leading many to question whether or not it will take place this year. To the relief of many involved in the music department, Night Out for Music will be taking place on Saturday, March 27th. However, many changes have been implemented in order to accommodate state requirements.

Since the lockdown last year, many students and teachers have experienced the disappointment of cancellations. Sports seasons have been cut short due to quarantines, gatherings postponed, and students have been sent into distance learning. Night out for Music is a popular event for the music department at Buffalo High School, and many have been asking whether or not it will take place this year, or what will be different.

Night Out for Music started as a fundraiser for the biennial trip that juniors and seniors in the music department. Over the years, the focus of the fundraising has shifted to covering costs for the entire department. The event itself has also expanded, including a gourmet dessert buffet and silent auction to accompany the concert put on by students.

This year, the Night Out for Music concert will be much different from what it was in the past. Because of COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing requirements, live concert attendance will be limited to the parents of the performers. Alternatively, the concert will be live-streamed online for those who still wish to view the student performance. In place of the silent auction, a website has been created that allows those who wish to support the department. This includes the ability to give one-time donations, a monthly donation, and even a specified donation to cover something such as a music stand or even a new instrument. Visit the website here if you are interested in learning more!

With all of these new changes being introduced, the question remains about what the future of Night out for Music will look like. Mrs. Vannet, an orchestra teacher at BHS, says that the Music Booster website will most likely stay up, and believes that the live-streaming option is likely to stay. Although many of these changes are hard to adjust to, the department is hopeful that concerts will return to normal by next year.

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