Is Renting a Prom Party Bus Worth It?

As the 2019 Buffalo High School Prom nears, many people are choosing the popular route of paying for a party bus to take them to the dance and possibly out to eat. This can be a very convenient and fun decision as it allows people to enjoy more time to spend with friends and their dates.

There are also many downsides to taking a party bus however, and it can all come down to who you’re sharing the bus with as well as the cost coming in to play as a huge factor.

             Pros                                                                        Cons

 Convenience: People can be                       They are expensive depending on

with their friends without worrying                    how many people are on the bus.

  About having to drive.                                  – You may end up going with

 Hang out with friends                                  people you don’t like to be around

      On the way to dance                                Someone could bring drugs or

 – Many buses let you choose                         alcohol which can have negative

Music to listen to.                                              consequences for everybody.

These are some responses from students going to prom when asked what they thought were the pros and cons of a party bus for prom.

“You can listen to music with your friends and dance a little, a lot of fun.” Said Junior Carter Jerde.

“But you might end up with people you don’t want to be with on the bus.” Added Junior Kaden Stubstad.

“Everyone can be in the same area, but it’s frickin’ expensive.” Said Junior Hannah Helmbrecht.

“Somebody might bring drugs which can ruin the whole experience because drugs are bad.” Said Junior Justin Ellis.

Photo by Payton Johnson

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