Fellowship of Christian Athletes welcomes new staff and student members

“I noticed a lot of freshmen showing up to the first meeting,” said Science Teacher Rachel Busch. “People have said that there have been a lot more attending this year than in the past.”

Every other Monday at 7:00, a student organized group called FCA [Fellowship of Christian Athletes] meets. The location of the meetings varies from members’ houses to local churches. They discuss religious views and will occasionally have guest speakers. For fun, they even have game nights where they play anything from dodgeball to volleyball.

After the seniors graduate FCA loses many members, but start to see new faces as well. Many freshman are starting to join and participate in these meetings.

“The upperclassmen definitely encouraged me to join,” said Freshman Cooper Ling. “It’s been really fun and I plan to continue going.”

Freshmen are starting to understand the routine of the meetings and are discovering the things they like best about them.

“I love listening to the guest speakers,” said Freshman Leah Mussell. “Its nice to see everyone really focused and interested in them.”

There have been as many as 50 people attending the FCA meetings and the numbers are continuing to grow. Even with the large amount of people involved, some feel that the FCA leaders do a nice job making everyone feel accepted there.

“I noticed that the leaders of FCA did a nice job of really making you feel welcomed your first time going,” said Junior Joe Neumann. “I’m glad that i had the opportunity to go.”

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