2021 Buffalo High School yearbook making no compromises in pandemic-disrupted school year

Yearbooks Expected to Come June 4th

With third quarter wrapping up, and the 2021 yearbook coming to a close, there is a lot to reflect on. Working apart from each other definitely was a drawback for the team, but they were able to pull through and make it happen.

Though many schools across the country cut pages and coverage from their books, the Tatanka Yearbook writers and editors were able to make their original goal of 256 pages without missing a deadline despite three learning model shifts. Co-Editor-in-Chief David Nunn said that the group was motivated by telling a full story of a once-in-a-lifetime school year.

”I think that any yearbook that is completed this year is going to be very historical and unique,” Nunn said.

Staff members said that their biggest challenges were communication, teamwork, and staying focused as they navigated work from home and apart from the rest of the staff on Hybrid days.

”It was harder to focus and connect with people online because you lose the in-person collaboration that’s seen in the yearbook,”  said junior Sam Mahannah.

However, the staff said that they felt that they made the best of their situation and created a good product.

“I think that the accumulation of the hard work and dedication that everyone had put in is really cool to see,” Nunn said.

The yearbooks are expected to be distributed on June 4, 2021, on a traditional distribution day. The 2020 Tatanka was distributed over the summer in a Drive-Up event, and the 2021 staff is hopeful to return to a normal distribution.

Throughout the year, the yearbook group got feedback from the Balfour Publishing Company in Dallas. As the book took shape and pages got completed on time, they found that they were one of the few books on schedule and meeting goals.

“Looking back on it, it just seems so crazy that we did it all online,” senior Gretta Heinecke said.

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