Why isn’t Graduation on the football field?

With Bison Field West right outside the school and limited seating in the gym, why is graduation held inside?

With limited seating for senior families, you would think that the High School would let graduation be on the football field so more people could come to watch graduation. With seniors only getting six graduation tickets each, many have to choose who can come to watch them during one of the biggest moments of their lives.

Principal Mark Mischke explained why it isn’t an option for graduation to be outside.

“Cost is one of our main factors in having the graduation inside or outside,” Mischke said. “We would have to buy something to put on the turf so we could put chairs on it. … The damage with the chairs and other stuff out there would be pretty significant.”

Not only does cost effect where graduation is held, but the unpredictability of the weather also makes having graduation outside a lot more complicated.

“Our second factor is the weather. We would have to set up the ceremony both indoor and outdoor to accompany the weather,” Mischke said. “If its too hot or raining, we would have to move it inside anyways so the cost and time it would take to set up wouldn’t make any sense.”

In the future, there might be an option for seniors to walk on the football field. The administration will keep talking about the topic, but for now, there will be limited seating and seniors will walk in the gym.

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