AP: Advanced Placement or Academic Pressure

Students take Advanced Placement (AP) classes to get college credit.  AP classes are three quarters long.  After you pass the class you need to take a test (free to Buffalo students) to receive the college credit, and there is always the possibility of failing the exam.

Is it really worth all the stresses of the class?  “[The amount of stress]  depends on what kind of person you are when it comes to doing homework.  If you enjoy working hard to do well then these classes will provide you with the opportunity to show what you’re made of.  If you like learning things and don’t necessarily like all the homework and the repetition that might go along with it maybe it isn’t right for you.  I don’t even know if it’s right for me.” said Sophomore Taylor McNitt.  Who is currently taking AP Biology and AP U.S History.

There are many things that can push you away from taking an AP class.  Like the extra workload or the amount of stress it will cause.  What students have to consider is if they are going to pass the class with the grade they want and how a potential college credit balances that out.  “I’m going to try to pass it [the AP exam], but if I don’t pass it, at least I will semi-know the material.  I can always study up and try to test out in college.” said McNitt.

The AP exam itself can also be very stressful, studying and trying to make sure you know as much as possible to give yourself the best chance of passing, while also having to keep up with the class itself, as well as all of your other classes, can be a lot of work. But for many students it’s all worth it in the end, because they receive the credit so they don’t need to take the class in college.

But AP classes aren’t the only option for college credits.  CIS classes are a good alternative.  “I prefer AP classes over regular classes but not over CIS classes.  Those [CIS classes] are only two terms and they aren’t based on a test.” said Sophomore Andrew Scherber

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