A Different Route to School

As we all know, this winter’s been a cold one. Most of us complain about having to walk out of our front door. While those who drive to school are starting their cars early and blasting the heat, Senior Michael Gladitsch takes a different route to school, facing whatever the weather head on.

“Taking the bus would take twice as long as riding to school everyday does, and I don’t wanna get up that early anyways. It’s not worth it to spend my money on gas and a parking permit when I live so close to the school,” said Gladitsch.

Living only half a mile away from the school, the ride isn’t long for Mike. Minnesota winters are what makes it long.

“Some days really suck having to bike to school. They don’t always plow the bike path, and especially this winter it’s been really slippery. A couple weeks ago I slipped and fell on my hip and was limping the whole day. I almost cried, and I was late. Sometimes I’ll leave the house in the morning, see the path isn’t plowed, and go bring my bike back to my house. By the time I get to school then, I’m late and sweaty. Very sweaty.” said Gladitsch.

“I’m pretty much the only one that bikes to school year round,” says Gladitsch, “I don’t mind though.”

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