Writing a Novel

Many people aspire to be a writer, but few take the initiative to accomplish that goal.

Writing takes a lot of discipline.  Not all of us can make something great.  Carson Reichardt is one of the few people in BHS who has the love of writing that you need to accomplish something as huge as getting published.

“I had already read all of the books on my bookshelf.  I was bored,”  the Freshman states as his reason for starting to write.  “I’d like to get published and I think that’s a dream all writers share.”

I asked Carson if he had any advice for aspiring authors. “You have to be a perfectionist.  You have to be willing to go over something over and over to make sure it sounds good,”  he said.  “If you don’t constantly try to get better you will never get anywhere.”

Carson has been working on his current project -a thriller novel- for over 2 years and has no plans to stop writing.

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