A New Kind of Herd

The teaching staff is undergoing a drastic change for the 2013-2014 school year. Over 10 percent of the staff are new employees, although not all of them are new to the school. Such is the case with English Teacher Nathaniel Doimer, a new addition to the staff who attended BHS as one of the students he now teaches.

“I actually had the fortune to attend Buffalo High School as a student,” said Doimer. “I graduated in 2008, so I know the school well. Along with that, I love the culture here. It is such a positive, respectful place for students to learn.”

Doimer graduated from college in May, and this is his first teaching job.

“Many things have impressed me about BHS,” said Doimer. “The teachers and administration are super helpful and supportive, and the students are second to none. My experience has been positive, and it has been fun to reconnect with many of my former teachers.”

Though there are many things that describe him, the term “man on a mission” seems especially relevant. Doimer wanted to be a teacher because he loves the energy and fresh ideas that are brought to the classroom everyday.

“You can’t get that in other occupations,” said Doimer. “As far as goals and missions for the school year, my main goal is to continue to improve professionally to better serve the students of BHS.”

Due to the short time span between his departure from BHS and his return, some of Doimer’s former teachers are now his coworkers. He said this has been a positive experience.

“It has been amazing,” he said. “They have been great mentors. The transition from seeing me as a student to seeing me as a colleague was something that I thought would be kind of interesting, but it’s been great. They’ve been great support for me.”

Like any student, Doimer had a few favorite teachers. He has also been able to work alongside some of them.

“Mr. McCallum was one of my favorites. He kind of pointed me in the English direction in my post-high school schooling.”

Like every instructor, Doimer has his own philosophy on teaching.

“I think that, first of all, every student in my classroom and in this school deserves a chance to learn and to grow,” he said. “They can learn from each other, where I am there to point them in a direction, be a facilitator, allow them to learn from each other and grow and build on their own knowledge. That’s my goal as a teacher. To be in that role, be that facilitator. Just point them in a direction, keep them on track, but allow them to learn from each other.”

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