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Standout volleyball player Kylee Zumach is graduating early to pursue her dream

It all started when her parents met through playing volleyball. Her mom begged her in fourth grade to give it a try. Hating it, Senior Kylee Zumach took the next year off. Her mom wanted her to try again.
Surprisingly, she ended up liking it and was actually pretty good. That was when she decided to join a Junior Olympics team, which she is currently on called Northern Lights.
Zumach is graduating early this January to go play Division I Volleyball for Kansas State University.
The Kansas State coach said Zumach could play for the Wildcats as a freshman, so she wanted to get ready for the season and practice with the team this Spring. “It’s a sacrifice you’ve got to make,” said Zumach.

“The biggest thing I’m taking away from this is to savor every moment of high school and to realize how lucky you are. Live in the moment.”

Earlier, Zumach was set on going to Wisconsin, but things changed. The reason she picked Kansas over Wisconsin is because Wisconsin had a change in their coaching staff. The new coach and her didn’t see eye to eye. So then she looked through old college emails. Upon looking through the emails, she saw the one from Kansas. Falling in love with it, she then asked them to reconsider their full ride scholarship offer. They responded with a yes.
Her family and friends have mixed emotions about this all. Some are happy; others not so much.
“My mom is not excited to let me go, but my dad is. He’s excited for me,” said Zumach.
Her teammates are sad that she has to leave early, but glad to get the chance of playing the entire high school season with her. On the other hand, her Junior Olympics teammates won’t get to play with her before she heads off early.
As for college, she is thinking about pursuing a four year major in either Marketing or Communication. She is excited, but aware that it’s going to be a lot of work balancing volleyball with school. Zumach will miss her Senior Prom, but she said she will miss all of her friends most.

Story by Calista Susa

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  1. “Sacrificing everything” that sub title is misleading and wrong. Saying something that is blatantly pointless just to grab the readers attention is bad journalism. What is she sacrificing? Half a year of high school? She is getting a full scholar ship, it is not exactly a sacrifice. “Miss her senior prom”, once again that is not much of a sacrifice in comparison to a scholar ship.

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