Anti-Prom Students Make Different Plans

This Saturday on May 4th, 2013 students will be getting all dolled up for our annual prom. Not every Junior or Senior will be going though. Many who are not going don’t go because they simply don’t want to attend. Some students have planned their own get together instead of attending prom.

Photo By Tiffany Kramer
Photo By Tiffany Kramer

“I don’t want to go to prom because I can have just as much fun at my house without spending lots of money,” said Junior Erika Bordak.

Students like Bordak are considered anti- prom. This means they have different plans other than prom.

“I have dance rehearsal,” said Junior Megan LaFond. “If  I could go I would.”

Students have different reasons for why they don’t want to go to prom. Some just don’t like the idea of prom and others don’t want to spend the money. As for Junior Lillian Smith, prom just isn’t her cup of tea.

“I could go if I wanted to I suppose but its not really for me. I’m thinking it will be just a regular weekend for me,” said Smith.

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