News Game Champs

Every Friday in Mrs. Hulley’s World Studies class students play a game called the “News Game.” Four teams of however many students, about six-seven categories and four columns. Your team picks a category and Hulley reads you the question for either one,two,three, or four points. Unless the question is a daily double then you can wager the original amount or go double the points you have. Know how to play now? Good, hopefully you’ll understand why a few of these students get so carried away. “It all started when Mrs. Hulley gave them {Juniors Vaughn Jundt, Adam Hartung, Charlie Rentz, Jack Elliot, J.P. Newman, Jorge Castellanos, and Kevin Zheng} a picture of themselves that she took to herself. They made a poster that said “News Game Champs” and put that picture on it.” said Junior Jordan Hesse “They claimed that they were the champions however week after week, the NGC hadn’t won yet so they added “future champions” on their poster. As other teams won, we made our on posters for our teams. There are now three posters hanging on the wall above the door in the room.” Because the game is on a friday, the guys talk about it during the whole entire week. They even solute to their poster when they enter, re-enter, and exit the room. They add tallies to the poster to show how many times they’ve won (false number) and go to McDonalds every friday morning to prepare themselves for the game. Along with that they also decided to make a group on facebook about the news game and added it to their work force. So it’s not just in the classroom anymore, it’s out in the public to see. “The News Game has affected the lives of many BHS students,” said Jundt “as a leader in winning percentages while being a spokesperson I can say that it has affected my life greatly.”

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