Are you eligible for Scholarships?

Scholarships do not just jump out to you. People seem to think scholarships come to them but in reality they have to search for them.

“Scholarships are a lot of work,” said Counselor Mark Jones. “It’s like having a part time job.”

Buffalo High School advertises many scholarships. You will see them posted in the counselor’s office, on the TV monitors, and in some classes. Most of the scholarships in the counselor’s office and on the monitor are only available to seniors, but there are many scholarships available to juniors on websites such as fasweb.com.

“We announce scholarships that we are aware of,” said Substitute Counselor Rose that can be available for our students.”

Some colleges and universities will offer students scholarships; depending on your academics, ACT score, and the activities you are involved in.

“You have to search for them,” said Junior Meghan Bye. “They usually do not jump out at you, well unless you got a 35 on your ACT and have never had a B on your transcript.

In the counselors’ office, they offer a new scholarship newsletter every month. It has about 30 local scholarships on it and gives a description about them. Scholarships can entail a variety of different things. Each scholarship has their own criteria, major field of study, GPA, or a group you belong to. The criteria can be varied but it very specific.

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