Different lunch hours change students’ eating habits

Difference in lunch hours is affecting students at Buffalo High School. For some, it affects their entire eating schedule for the rest of the day. While most students have B or C lunch, the few that are placed in A or D lunch have a struggle with the rest of their day.

“I have had A-Lunch all year so for me, at first, it was a struggle but now since it’s already third term I’ve gotten a little used to eating a smaller breakfast every morning,” said Junior Hayley Johnston.

If a student has A-Lunch, then most likely eating a proper breakfast is hard to manage every day because lunch starts at 10:33 a.m.. Yet, eating breakfast is important for students; eating a decent meal helps your brain focus longer throughout the day and keeps your metabolism running higher.

“The lucky few that have B or C must have it easier to maintain their eating habits,” said Johnston, “but all my friends are in my lunch and that makes things slightly better.”

While if a student is placed in the last lunch period, D-Lunch, they have to wait till 12:03 p.m. to eat their meal.

“I hate having lunch so late,” said Junior Donna Peterson, “I would usually eat a snack after school but now I have to snack like during Second Block so I’m not starved for lunch.”

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