Students Want More Choices – Top Three Demanded Classes

Students weigh in on elective options

The world of historic mythology, expanding photography, and complex aeronautics are mysteries to most at Buffalo High School. Those are a few of the courses BHS doesn’t offer, but some that are on the climb for high demand. Students at BHS have a large variety of electives to choose from when it comes to deciding what classes pertain to them and are worth their education. This includes hundreds of classes varying from many different subjects; some of them including art, social studies, music, dance, and many other practical courses. Though most students are happy with the options that they are provided with, there is a chunk of students who wish BHS had a greater opportunity for more decisions.

In a survey about satisfaction with class choices, 32.5% of participants were unsatisfied with the electives available at BHS. We’ve gathered a list of the top 3 most requested classes, and included some unique ones as well. We listed 9 basic classes that aren’t offered already and asked students which ones they would take if available. The results were quite predictable, leading us to think that the school might need a redesign in electives.

Artistic Expression was the most chosen class out of any gender and every grade. Future Readiness was a second most, and Lifestyle/Cooking was the third most requested class genre. Many students submitted an opinion at the end of the survey, and they all applied to why they wanted these classes. The top 3 most requested classes out of every participant are listed below, and you might find yourself agreeing with the reasons students wanted them.

One of the most highly requested courses that students wish was available at BHS was a class about living a mature lifestyle after High School. Many students requested a course that teaches you how to live alone, change your car engine’s oil, research insurance policies, register to vote, and simply how to live an adult life. Many students want a class where they can learn things that will benefit them in the future and their life after graduation.

“I would choose to have more classes that teach you about life and life as you get older after High School,” Sophomore Caitlin Drews stated, “I would also like if classes taught you why they’re teaching you that because in math, you’ll learn stuff and you’re like ‘When am I ever going to use this?’”

Vietnam history, sign language, and Japanese were among some of the top requests for students. Answer after answer, there was always a language request in the mix. Specifying to the history part, many students suggested courses that would fall in that category, such as a mythology dedicated class. Some even got as specific as to ask for 80’s and 90’s culture, and hinting that maybe this would include things such as how society then currently affects our society today. The possibilities are endless when it comes to covering history and language topics.

Following the artistic expression that students at BHS are striving for, photography and other unique classes involving creativity were a very popular request. Many students had also mentioned graphic design. One participant suggested creating a class dedicated to photography where you learn about light, different angles, and little tips and tricks to help improve your photography. They hope to get the experience of working in various locations to test their skills and see what they’re capable of, capturing pictures around the school campus and around the town outside of school hours.

“Buffalo has an excellent high school that fits with many people, but the fact is that we spend so much time being students that we miss out on a lot important basic knowledge.” Junior Tye Van Pelt typed as a response to the survey we sent out. “We as students do not usually have the opportunities to learn how to fix a leaking pipe, change filters in a car, or organize a meal for a large group. The skills I have listed are all necessary for many aspects of life and should be easier to put into our schedule at BHS.”

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