The potential of many changes in 2019-20 sparks student reaction

Students give their opinions on the good and bad of Buffalo High School

With many new changes coming next year BHS, ranging from a new schedule to a strict policy on cell phone use, students reflected on the good of the school, the changes happening next year, and what changes they would like to see.

Buffalo High School is known for its amazing people and the strong connection between teachers and students. The students interviewed couldn’t agree more, especially the seniors.

Senior Erin Bersie and Jacob Muhich both said teachers and the people are the best things about the school.

“The people and the legacy of those who came before us,” said Senior Tye Van Pelt.

Senior Kayli Hansen highlighted building administration in particular, saying she appreciated “the efforts of admin to provide a welcoming learning environment.”

Other highlights of BHS according to students are sporting events, the block schedule, and the overall atmosphere of the school.

With new changes coming next year students expressed some nervousness about how they will impact the culture. 

“The changes being made for next year, it feels like they’re reducing us to middle school,” Hansen said.

“They should definitely not take out AAA next year,” Sophomore Kenzie Hansen added.

“Put the doors back on the bathroom,” Senior Briauna Lerass said.

Other overall changes students would like are:

“We should be able to use the athletic facilities, especially the sports fields without supervision like you can at the middle school,” Muhich passionately shared.

And Van Pelt said he wishes the school had a bigger budget.

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