Reduced Members; The New AMSAC

Recently, regular student council has had their election because the school year has been rolling to an end and they have announced their results. Within our school, the Arts Magnet have recently held their elections as well.

Previously there have been more students assigned to each grade as representatives besides the eight traditional roles as President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasury, Corresponding Secretary, Parliamentarian, School Board Rep and Advisor. Now the council will be narrowing down to three representatives for each grade instead of five or more this past school year.

AMSAC’s main goal is, “To secure power for the Arts Magnet student body through the Student Council.” It makes sense that the Arts Magnet has their own council, but what do they actually do? Sophomore Brandon Bednarek, of the activities committee, says, “I experienced leadership positions [by being a representative] and having a part in what’s going to change our student body.”

Arts Magnet hopes to spread their existence on social media as well. Junior Amy Nelson, of the social media committee, says, “Currently, I am working with Bestland to get social media sites for everyone to post all of our artwork to connect everyone who’s an artist, and all BHS students together.”

Many agree that the Arts Magnet program and student body has a “stigma”. “You can tell people view Arts Magnet as, ‘Oh, what do you even do?’ They see us goofing around in classes and doing weird things, and to other people it’s like a blindfold,” says Nelson.

Junior Tyler Upham hopes to change this, “Next year we want to get the council a lot more organized, we want Arts Magnet to have a higher standard of excellence in the school and have it integrated with the school and everything too. We’re doing a lot of changes to the council and making it to what it was originally, [as it was] set up with the constitution.”

Bednarek agrees, “We are going to work on our constitution and make sure it’s up to date and fits our needs as an AMSAC student body. I think a lot of what we’re going to do is team bonding, making sure that AMSAC is one with the students and that the entire Arts Magnet is one with the regular student body.”

The newly elected council is as listed;

Freshmen: Noah Schottler, Isabelle Jamison and Harrison Bjorback

Sophomores: Brandon Bednarek, Jonah Schmitz and Kyra Nygard

Juniors: Tyler Upham, Charlie Nielsen, Danielle Norton and Amy Nelson
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