Students Struggle With Jobs, School, and Sports

How is that students manage their time with school work, jobs and sports? They simply dont.  Students run out of the the time and energy.  Students Are seeing a lack of motivation in school work. ” My grades have dropped this year because of sports.” says Senior Dan Warner. We did a survey and it shows that 10 out 0f 30 people feel that having a job and playing sports in High School has affected them academically.  Those who say they just have jobs say it’s hard to find time to study and finish homework.

Working can take a toll on students the next day making them tired which makes it hard for them to learn. ” I’d say that working hasn’t affected me academically, because I don’t work every single day of the week I only work like 1-2 days a week.” Says Senior Tim Pearson.

Some students say that sports act like a stress reliever from their school work. ” I do better in school while in sports,” says anonymous student.

Over half of the students in the survey stated that they had a job and play sports but most of them also claim that they manage their time well, so they can play sports and work on a regular basis and get their school work done. Although, it is stressful to be a teeneager, it’s important to understand how to balance these activities out and still get good grades.

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