Avengers: Infinity War; What does BHS think?


In 2008, Marvel Studios created the film “The Incredible Hulk”. Many viewed the movie as just another failed attempt at a comic book movie series. But one post-credit scene introduced the concept of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thus began the development of the MCU.

After the Hulk movie was released MCU officially kicked off the series by creating the first “Iron Man” movie. Scoring a 79% on Metacritic and 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, and grossing an extremely high $595 million, Marvel movies became a tradition for many households across the globe. MCU releases become a semiannual occurrence and Marvel Studios blossomed into a successful industry-changing film behemoth.

With solo releases for each of the Avengers, hype for the first team-up movie was at an extreme high. In 2012, the hype reached its peak as “The Avengers” was released. Marvel’s routine post-credit scenes left audiences staying in the theater well after the end of the movie. “The Avengers” post-credit scene became a historic one. The introduction of the extremely powerful comic book character, Thanos, started Phase 2 of the MCU.

Now in 2018, Thanos is the protagonist in one of the highest grossing films in history. In only 11 days, Avengers has topped the $1 billion mark at the box office and is on its way to 2 by the end of the summer.


“Yay! Finally, a movie where the bad guy wins,” said Jared Schultz.

In opposition to the usual tone of MCU movies, Thanos wins. Nearly every one of our beloved heroes vanishes into dust and disappears, all after brutal deaths of other beloved MCU characters like Heimdahl, Loki, and Gamora. Rocket Raccoon and the Avengers featured in the 2012 film are the only survivors. With half the universe turning to dust, people expected a resolution or at least some glimpse of hope. Instead, the credits roll, leaving many in shock

Spider-man disintegrating Marvel Studios

“I heard that almost every hero died and I was in shock because the heroes aren’t supposed to die,” Logan Miller said. Logan has yet to see the movie but has since been motivated to avoid the end of the shocking film.

“It was stupid as s***. Why do they need to kill everybody? It would’ve been fine if the hammer thing just killed Thanos.” said freshman Tsadik Sargeant. “I felt like I wasted my money on that s***.”

Many were shocked or angry or sad after watching the stunning film. Will Marvel redeem itself with Avengers 4? I guess we will see. For now, BHS and everyone across the world will keep trying to process the film and predict what will happen next.

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