Buffalo High School spices up the menu by taste testing a new lunch item

Sriracha chicken gets an overwhelming number of yes votes!

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With the intention of spicing up the school lunch menu and adding some more variety, Buffalo High School handed out samples of spicy sriracha chicken to get students opinions on whether or not the chicken should be added to the menu next year.

The chicken was served in the middle school November of this year and was well received there. Buffalo High School is trying to include more variety on the menu with new food.

“Other schools have tried items like these and they have had a positive reaction,” said Penny Hoops, the Director of Food Services “I wanted to bring [the samples] to our school to see how it would go.”

Students received a paper cup with the sample in it and after they finished the chicken they voted on whether they wanted the sriracha chicken added to the menu by placing the empty cup in a container that said either “Yes! I would like this on the School Lunch Menu!” or “NO Thank You!”

Caitlin Drews (‘20) said, “I could see that chicken being in a Leeann Chin restaurant .” Hazel Wintermantel (‘20), who does not like Leeann Chin said, “I liked it and I would have to say that it was better than the food in Leeann Chin.” According to both of them, the chicken was, “just spicy enough” and they would eat it if it actually became a menu item.

Isiah DuBois (‘18), who did not try the chicken, said, “I didn’t try it because there was a line and it was school food so I didn’t think it was going to be good. I also didn’t want to get depressed, because I’m leaving and they are just now getting good food.”

Kiley Irwin

Overall, A-Lunch only got 3 votes for no. During B, and C nobody voted for no and they only had containers full of yes’. However, D-Lunch did not get to sample any, because A, B, and C lunch ate all the samples. They are planning on having more taste tests next year with other chicken products and burritos. Next year, students can expect more variety with a price that will not change.

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