After long battle with COVID, Mike Curry to return to teaching

Recently, it has been confirmed that Mike Curry will be returning to teach his classes on January 31st after his three-month COVID leave. His classes have been taught by various substitutes and his assignments were posted and graded by Tracy Hulley in his absence. Students were excited to hear of his return, so The Hoofprint reached out to him for an interview.

Q: What things are you looking forward to coming back to?
A: I am looking forward to seeing everyone. I miss the daily interactions with students and staff. I also look forward to having some structure and routine back in my daily life.

Q: What do you miss about teaching and being around students?
A: I miss seeing everyone. The smile and laughter I see on students and staff and the opportunity to connect with so many different personalities throughout the day. I also miss the opportunity to learn about student interests and things they enjoy. I probably learn more from the students than they do from me.

Q: What do you fear you’ve missed out on?
A: I fear I’ve missed out on the opportunity to connect with kids more than I was able to before I got sick. When I come back it will be a new semester and many of the students I was getting to know may not have in class again.

Q: Any other comments?
A: I really felt guilty for a while after I got sick because I felt I let the kids down. I was not able to grade many of their assignments and to continue teaching them. This really bothered me for awhile.

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