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Anderson and Gunderson lead Bison Girls Basketball past Edina Hornets

The Bison close in to defeat conference rival Edina Hornets

The Bison Girls Basketball team played the Edina Hornets, Friday night. The game was a big rivalry between the two teams, but the Bison came out with the win 44-42.

“Edina’s always been a team we’ve been pretty evenly matched with,” Senior Norah Burke said. 

It was a constant back and forth the entire game, Edina maintaining the lead for the majority of the game. 

Junior Jordan Anderson had a really impressive game especially for it only being her 4th game back from her knee injury. 

“It’s super amazing [to be back] and know that all my hard work has paid off,” Anderson said. 

Anderson played an amazing defensive game having multiple rebounds and constantly going after the ball. 

“It’s more fun when you play more physically, and be able to know you’re strong,” Anderson said. 

Anderson wasn’t the only player who worked hard defensively, the entire team pulled their weight to close in on the win.

Norah Burke, who describes herself as a more defensive player, really pulled her weight with multiple defensive stops throughout the game. 

“I’ve never been a scorer. My role is defense and rebounding, I’ve adapted to that role,” Burke said. 

Burke said that the team is constantly in the weight room and always working to improve from the previous game, win or lose. 

“You’ve got to be in shape and you’ve got to fight,” Burke said.

The last 10 seconds of the game were definitely the most exciting and intense moments of the night. 

The Bison had a fast break opportunity and Senior Brooke Gunderson drove to the basket to score the final and winning layup of the game. 

“It was definitely nerve racking, having a wide open layup at the end. I knew I had to make it,” Gunderson said. 

The moment Gunderson’s shot went in the crowd went wild. 

“It felt really good. I felt ecstatic, and I’m happy we beat Edina because we’ve been rivals with them for a long time,” Gunderson said.

The Bison played the next day against the Andover Huskies and had a tough loss 64-67. The Bison’s next game is at Wayzata, Friday, February 4.

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