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Last Day of School!!!

The 2013-2014 school year is done.  Today is the last day! Many seniors have been waiting for this day to just be done. “Personally, I’m ready for summer. I’m ready to relax and get away from all the drama,” says sophomore, Delany Nord. ” I hate the end of the school year because I have [Read More...]


Adiós Señora Eiynck

Next year, BHS’s beloved Spanish teacher, Nancy Eiynck, Known as ‘Señora’ by many, will no longer be a teacher at BHS. Instead, Señora Eiynck has accepted a new position in the district. She will be the new Diversity and Curriculum Integration Coordinator (DCIC). In this job, Señora Eiynck will provide diversity services for the students [Read More...]