Winter is… Over?

Most Minnesotans are used to the bipolar temps that happen all year round and tend to get a little too excited when some warm weather rolls around. It is no shock that one weekend the high will be 70 degrees and the next weekend it’s snowing. Sunday, March 15 welcomed a shocking high of 66 degrees and [Read More…]

Obsessed with Mnt. Dew

“I couldn’t live without mountain dew” says junior Noah Vanderkooi “its what makes me happy”. At a young age Vanderkooi was exposed to a carbonated soft drink called mountain dew and from that point on he was obsessed. “I get a dew every time i go out to eat, every morning, and everyday after school.” [Read More…]


Duby Duby Doo

Devan Dubnyk has done nothing but amaze since his arrival in the state of hockey with 31 consecutive starts, 24 wins, only 6 losses, and 5 shutouts. Many say that Dubnyk is the reason for Minnesota’s remarkable turnaround. Dubnyk joined the Wild after their sixth straight loss and made an immediate impact. The Wild are [Read More…]


Adapted Softball

The adapted softball season has just started.  Adapted softball is a sport created to give kids with disabilities a chance to participate in sports just like anyone else. It has the same rules as “normal” softball but the biggest difference is that they play in the gym with a plastic bat and a wiffle ball. [Read More…]