We went around the halls of BHS and asked students and teachers how they would feel if personal devices (cell phones, laptops, tabs, etc.) were not allowed for the 2015-2016 school year. THIS IS NOT HAPPENING AND IS NOT TRUE. We just wanted to see and hear their reactions.


School’s Not Over

With summer approaching, most students are excited to have a break from classes and homework. However, some students don’t get a break at all. There are several classes at BHS that have summer homework and even summer tests, as a standard. Classes like AP US History and CIS Literature require summer work so that they [Read More…]


Starting the Summer Abroad

This Saturday on June 6th, the CIS German IV class is going to Germany. There are 18 students and two teachers going on this trip. They will be arriving back to the United States on June 24th. “We’re doing a ropes course in Kronberg, which is the town we’re staying in. And I’m personally going [Read More…]


iPhone Settings

Have you ever wondered how much of your battery is being used on your Iphone? “I have wondered why sometimes when I use certain apps my battery dramatically drains.” Said Senior Elise Swanson. New in the iOS 8 settings application is the ability to track battery usage per each app you have installed on your [Read More…]