Prom Security

Rumors of prom security have been spreading like wildfire throughout this school. Words like “Airport security” are being tossed around left and right. In an earlier hoofprint story on the snow daze dance Activities Director Tom Bauman mentioned this, “Kids get that we are really tight at prom, almost like you are going through an [Read More...]

Photo taken by Tiah Marr


With spring, comes prom. Some students at BHS have been frantically searching for dates, while others are pondering how they will ask their significant other. The boys of BHS have set the bar high. From simple and sweet promposals, to big and extravagant, Each way is special. “I made a parking ticket (that said ‘Prom”) [Read More...]

Bruhn Golf

Golfers Looking to Make a Run at State

Minnesota High School Golf is always presented with obstacles early in the season as players struggle to find somewhere to practice. Oftentimes practicing outside doesn’t become an option until late in the season, considering it’s hard to find your golf ball when it’s buried in a foot of snow. However the players have been very [Read More...]

Todd Bouman

Here Comes the Coach

Former NFL Quarterback, Todd Bouman, is coming to Buffalo High School to take Gerard Rohl’s spot as Head Coach of the Bison Varsity Football team. Although the team may miss having Rohl as coach, many are excited for the opportunity to have a former NFL player as a coach.   Senior Levi Bean, as well [Read More...]