Bathroom Race Boys vs. Girls

The rumor is that girls take longer in bathrooms than boys. We sat outside the bathroom doors and timed people from when they went in, to when they came out. There are different factors that go into how long people take in the bathroom. Sometimes people go into the bathroom, but don’t actually use the bathroom, [Read More…]


Are you sleepy?

Updating your Twitter feed, liking photos on Instagram or you can’t stop watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix … A couple minutes turns into hours when you are on your phone or laptop at night. “I go on my phone before bed and then realize I’ve been on it for a couple hours, says Junior Sabrina Kumlin,  [Read More…]

Battle of the consoles

The classic battle of the consoles, PS4 or Xbox One? Which one is better? Which one should you buy? Or should you even make the switch to next gen gaming consoles? “Im a proud owner of the xbox one, I think, in my opinion that the xbox one is better, but I do think Sony [Read More…]


Parents and Stress

The school year can seem endless with all of the responsibilities we have. School, jobs, sports, and piles of homework, and inbetween we are supposed to have time for a social life. It’s basically nine months of juggled time.  That’s enough stress all on its own, but we also have parents always chiming in and [Read More…]

Mental Health at BHS

Some people have bad or stressful days at school, or dread going to school, but people with mental illnesses can often find it difficult to make it through the day. The main goal of students with these types of problems and their counselors is to get them to school, get them to class, and have [Read More…]