Buffalo High School Students give back through Bounce Back Project

Over 300 BHS students visit district elementary schools to share books

Advisory took on a new challenge when over 300 BHS students visited local elementary schools to share their love of reading and giving back to the community through the Bounce Back Project. 

BHS Students got to spend time with students ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade. Aside from reading to the elementary schools, the high school students engaged the kids in fun games to bring them out of their shell. 

Senior Jack Leipholtz loved the experience and even got to go back to his old elementary school Hanover Elementary.

“It was such a weird feeling to be back in the elementary school I went to,” Leipholtz said. “Everything felt so small. It was crazy to sit in a first grade classroom and realize that I was there ten years ago. Reading was really fun because the little kids were hilarious.”

Marissa Duran |

With last year’s low turnout for volunteers due to shortened or cancelled school days because of weather, this year the high school took a different route and asked whole advisories to join the cause. This created a huge difference and a shocking uprise in numbers of volunteers going. 

“Having such a huge number of students was a big accomplishment for our school and was great to include kids that have never done something like this before,” said Library Para Marissa Russell, who joined in on the fun with her Advisory. 

The Bounce Back Project is Buffalo High School’s partnership with Allina Health to promote health through happiness. This project is unique to Wright County and was started to decrease burnout by giving back to the community.

Story by Kaitlin Rietveld and Marissa Duran

Marissa Duran |

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