Students gather to celebrate cheese

Students attended the annual cheese tasting party yesterday after school in the World Langage area. Everyone and anyone was welcome to attend the event, hosted by the International Club. Over 180 students paid the one dollar to attend.

Students line up to sample various cheeses from countries around the world. Photo by Emma Rodelius

“Originally this was started one year when former German teacher Maija Zaeska was talking to the exchange students and she asked what they had most missed at home,” said German teacher Frau Strassburg.

Their very first response was, “Cheese”. This gave the World Languages teachers an idea and they decided to have a annual ‘cheese tasting party.’

“We get about 20 different kinds of cheeses every year,” said Strassburg. “We will get the cheeses from either Sam’s Club or Byerly’s.”

This is Strassburg’s 13th year going.

“I have made it to it every year,” said Strassburg. “I love going, it’s fun to hear everyone talk about how much they like or dislike whats there.”

The exchange students love going and they enjoy it. It’s been going for 20 years straight. Students from all grades enjoy going.

“I didn’t know there could be so many kinds of cheeses,” said Sophomore Kaylee Lingen.

Many kids are memorized by the amounts of cheese that they come across while attending the annual cheese party.

“Cheese is amazing, I eat it before school, after school, and now they have a cheese party.” said Senior Michael Swearingen. “It’s like they made it just for me.”

The cheese varies from France to Germany to the United States.

“There’s also bread, apples, pears, crackers, and juice,” said Strassburg. “Many kids attend and it’s a very well put together event that makes for a fun day.”

Some kids come just for some certain kinds of cheeses that they have had in the previous year.

“It was amazing, I loved the experience,” said Junior Cody Theien. “I’d definitely do it again.”

This tradition will continue as long as possible. In the future  Strassburg hopes to get more cheese and keep this an ongoing every year thing.

Story by Kate Leipholtz

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