Knowledge Bowl returns along with every member of two State-qualifying teams

The 33 members and 7 teams are ready to return to in-person meets

The BHS Knowledge Bowl season has started once again and has been going for almost a month now. Their first practice took place on November 29, and their first meet will take place on January 8, being an in-person event for the first time in over a year. The KB season this year consists of 33 members making up 7 teams: 4 Varsity and 3 Junior Varsity. English Teacher Brandon Aldrich is also stepping in to the head coaching spot for the first time after serving as assistant coach last season.

These teams practice for two hours a day, three days a week, running practices just like meets. This consistent practice does well for BHS, as two Varsity teams were sent to the State Competition last year. These two teams and each of their 5 members are returning to the mental sport this year. The State-participating teams from last year consisted of: Elise Lubben, Rachel Lawrence, Will Borgerding, Andrew Braun, Adam Blevins, Matthew Scherber, Avery Thompson, Milo Zimmerman, Ryder Zvorak, and Maria Whalen.

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