Gaughan and Tryggeseth begin Junior League Hockey

Seniors Josh Gaughan and Buzz Tryggeseth have decided to play Junior League hockey next year. The Junior program is available to athletes who are 20 years old or younger. It is also available to high school students and graduates who want to get better before playing college hockey.

Left- Tryggeseth Right- Gaughan

Gaughan tried out to play for the Alexandria Blizzards on May 3 and got drafted by them. Getting drafted means they are interested in you, and they take your rights, and that means no other team can have you.  If you are one of the first picks you are most likely going to make the team. To officially make the team Gaughan has to go to the teams main camp on August 2nd-4th to show the coaches he can play well and his the way he plays is consistent. The people that attend this camp are all the draft picks and all of the players from the previous year who are still eligible.

Tryggeseth was the first draft pick for the Alaska Avalanche team. To make the team for sure his main camp will be in Andover on July 23rd- 25th.  When asked why he wants to do this instead of go to college Tryggeseth said, “to be successful in hockey you kind of have to play Juniors if you are not already good enough to play Division l hockey right after high school.”

The Blizzards and the Avalanche are both Tier ll Junior A teams. The highest level is USHL , which would be Tier I and then one step down from that is Tier II Junior A, which is what the boys are playing in. The boys are working out and preparing for the journey they are about to begin.

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