Is this really BHS’s favorite school lunch?

A study was conducted amongst 290 students to find what was the true best school lunch.

For most students, lunch is something to look forward to. It’s a break from learning and getting to socialize with your friends while munching on some (hopefully) delicious food. However, opinions on which meal is the best spark controversy. When students were asked “what’s your favorite school lunch?”, arguments started between tables and the answers divided friend groups.

The results of the survey shown on a pie chart.

We asked 290 BHS students to vote on their favorite food the kitchen staff makes. The controversy arose when the results showed French bread cheese pizza (boat pizza) in first place, with General Tso’s Chicken coming in a close second place finish. Questions and arguments arose regarding everyone’s personal opinions on the lunches and what main lunch truly deserves first place.

“I look forward to going to lunch every day,” said Addyson Cremers ‘24. “My favorite lunch is nachos because I can pick all the toppings I want. I think [the French bread pizzas are] GREASE BOATS. Quote that. I just wanted to say I love the lunch ladies, especially on nacho day.”

Although the boat pizza was top-voted, the people who didn’t vote for it had some pretty strong opinions on how this meal tastes. This is where the arguments began.

“My favorite lunch is French toast sticks with sausage and hashbrowns,” said Alexa Del Rio ’24. “Who wouldn’t want breakfast for lunch, it’s basically brunch. The flavors are just so tasty with such a variety.” Del Rio also referenced the grease factor when discussing why French bread pizza wasn’t her top choice. “I mean, people who put that meal as a favorite are definitely straight greaseballs,” Del Rio said. “All I see on that bread is everyone’s reflection in the grease.”

People expressed strong opinions against the cheesy bread, which was surprising as it was the top voted option. Questions started popping up like “I wonder if people just said cheesy bread because that’s all that came to mind.” When we heard that, we began mentioning different main lunch options that the school offers when we asked the question, just to make sure the results were going to be as accurate as possible. Many students have different opinions on lunch, and others decide to make up their own.

“My favorite lunch is definitely the beans and the mac & cheese and the hot dog aka ‘glizzy’ but I throw the glizzy and keep the bread,” Emily Olson ’24 said. “I take the mac & cheese and beans and I mix ’em’, I call it ‘beaneroni’. Then I dip the hot dog bun in my concoction. It is perfect, very nutritious, and delicious. Just delicious.” 

“My favorite lunch is definitely chicken alfredo,” Andrew Macheel ‘23 said. When asked about ‘boat pizza’ being rated number one, Macheel replied, “Boat pizza is not number one, and it’s not called boat pizza.” When asked about his least favorite lunch, Macheel replied with, “Breakfast.”

With all 290 votes in, many were left in a little bit of confusion with cheesy bread (‘boat pizza’) being given the most votes (75), and some had some competitive words to say against it in the hope that their favorite food was going to be the top-voted.

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