Buffalo Knowledge Bowl teams return to State

Varsity 1 and Varsity 2 move on to the State Meet after a strong showing at Regionals

Both of the Knowledge Bowl Teams reprenting Buffalo advanced to the State Tournament after after taking first and second place in their tier in the hotly-contested Regional Tournament at North Branch on March 15.

Varsity 2, which was made up of juniors Amelia Butler, Matthew Scherber, Avery Thompson, Milo Zimmerman, and Ryder Zvorak took first place in the entire region. Varsity 1, which was made up of seniors Adam Blevins, Will Borgerding, Andrew Braun, Rachel Lawrence, and Elise Lubben took second place in the tier and fifth overall.

Only two teams were able to be selected to represent the region. This is the second year in a row that both teams were from Buffalo. The state tournament will be held at Cragun’s Resort in Brainerd on April 7.

Buffalo had seven teams this year, but only two were allowed to compete at the Regional Meet.

Varsity 2: Amelia Butler, Ryder Zvorak, Milo Zimmerman, Matthew Scherber, Avery Thompson

Varsity 1: Ryan McCallum (coach), Rachel Lawrence, Will Borgerding, Elise Lubben, Andrew Braun, Adam Blevins, Brandon Aldrich (coach)

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