SSU raises money for Sam Munoz memorial fund

ssu fundraiser

As valentines day approaches most students focus on significant others, and finding that perfect valentines gift.  However, the Students Stepping Up group focuses on something else.  With the thoughts of former student Sam Munoz, still close to students hearts, the group decided to sell Hershey’s Hugs and Kisses to raise money to perches a memorial bench in honor of his passing.

“Losing a student is always hard, but the loss of Sam was harder then anyone could have ever prepared for,” said sophomore Devon Navarra. “Sam was somebody that everybody knew.  And if you didn’t know him personally, you knew his sister, or knew of his big hair or rosy cheeks.  I can’t think of putting my money towards anything other then this bench.”

The SSU students plan on placing the bench at the Bentfield Mills in Buffalo in honor of Sam.

“It will be nice to be able to go out to the fields, the place where Sam loved to be and see that bench in his honor,” said Senior Jaycie Allison “Everyone, forever will be able to see the impact that Sam had on so many people in the short, but well lived life that he had.”

The students will be selling Hugs and Kisses at lunch Monday through Thursday this week.  The Hugs and Kisses will be distributed on Friday.  Check back on Monday of next week to see just how much money the Students Stepping up program raised.

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