Will Spring Sports have to be Played in the Snow?

Snow delays the start of Spring Sports

As Buffalo continues to get drenched with snow, spring sports events have had to be delayed. From golf meets that were supposed to be held in Big Lake and Monticello to baseball and softball games that were supposed to be held over Spring Break this past week. With all these delays, the schedule for the outdoor sports will be condensed, which will most likely cause athletes to miss more classes this quarter. With the forecast saying that the Buffalo area is going to get nearly a foot of snow this coming weekend, that won’t help the start. On Tuesday, April 10th, the Track and Field teams couldn’t wait any longer, so St. Michael held a meet inside one of their gymnasiums. With that said, let’s see what some of the athletes think, regarding the sudden delays.

The first athlete I talked to is basketball/ softball star Jordan Zrust. The first question I asked her was ” How have your softball practices been so far?” She responded with, “We so far have been inside, and we can only do so much. We mostly just hit off tees and in the batting cages, but field is different, because we can’t use a normal ball inside, so we have to use a “softy”, so that we don’t wreck anything by overthrowing. We only practice until 5, because we get kicked out of our gym space. We’d be lucky if we get to go outside anytime soon.”

On the follow up, I asked, “Will your month of May be packed, and possibly cause you to miss more school than usual?” Zrust then stated, ” Yeah most likely. We will be playing every day of the week and double headers might be cut down to 5 innings. We will also have to get out early on every game day.”

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Now, I thought I would give my opinion on what my practices have been like for golf for the past few weeks. We have been practicing inside the Civic Center and hitting balls into nets, and using the workout facility. It felt good just to be able to use something, because most of us haven’t had the opportunity to play since this past fall, and with the weather not cooperating, we are all unsure when we will start having meets. One thing we do know is that May is going to be busy, and the amount of school that the team already misses, will be much more than usual with the packed schedule.

In conclusion, this year has been nothing but a little out of the ordinary, and I, for one am getting a little tired of the snow. I am just ready for the golf courses to open, and be able to have meets. Now, after getting over a foot of snow this past weekend, the start of spring sports games/matches are only going to get delayed even longer into the season.

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