Who Are You Cheering For?

It all comes down to tonight, the final game of the series, game seven. Buffalo High School students are more than excited to see the outcome of the game tonight, as the Wild head over to Pepsi Center in Denver to face off against the Avalanche for the last time of the year.

“I’m 12 out of 10 excited,” said Junior Avalanche fan Jarrett Pedlar. “I’ve been following the Avs all season long, and have been pleasantly surprised by their play.”

Though a small fraction of students are pulling for the “Avs” (like Pedlar), the crowd favorite at BHS is their home team, the Wild.

“The Wild are going to win tonight,” said Senior Josh Robinson with confidence. “The Avs are a young team, and don’t have the same experience as The Wild players in a clutch situation like tonight.”

Pedlar thought otherwise, exclaiming that “Each team has won at home, it being a different type of game when you have the home advantage.”

The Wild’s record in regular season play is 43-27, while the Avs are 52-22. The two teams have met five times prior to the post-season, the Wild winning only once. Tune in to the game tonight at 8:30 central time to see who comes out on top.

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