Which BHS teacher has worn the same shirt for picture day for 24 years?

The history behind Mr. Hygrell's denim button-up shirt

Every year, most people dress up nice and put on their best clothes for picture day. When you look back at these pictures, you’ll recall a lot about that year and what was trendy. Science teacher Greg Hygrell, uses his photographs to tell a story.

Hygrell has had a special way of doing his picture day since 1997. Every year, he wears the same blue denim button-up shirt.

“The shirt was just a cool thing back in the day, that was the trendy fashion,” Hygrell said. 

Many teachers and students at Buffalo High School await seeing him on picture day to see if he will keep his button-up for another picture.

Science Teacher Greg Hygrell has worn the same shirt in his school picture since 1997. Click the image to zoom in. Ali Hygrell |

“If I were to show up to picture day without that shirt, it would be a letdown,” Hygrell reflected. 

Teachers are often seen laughing and playing around with Hygrell about wearing the shirt, but that doesn’t deter him.

“Some people find it really kinda cool, and then there are others that find it kinda disturbing that I’m still wearing the same shirt from over 20 years ago, stains and all,” Hygrell said.

When he went and got the shirt over two decades ago, he actually got two of the same shirts. One long sleeve and one short sleeve. Back in the day, it was his ‘go-to item’.

If Hygrell could go back in time and change his shirt, he said he would “probably pick one with a little more flash” and with a “little brighter colors”.

With wearing the shirt for so many years, some may be perplexed as to why the shirt isn’t worn out, has stains, or how it still seems to be brand new.

“It makes its sacred journey to school in a bag, I wear it for pictures, I take it off, put it back in the bag, and change,” Hygrell claimed. 

Despite all of the memories associated with the iconic denim button-up shirt, which is only seen once a year, Hygrell plans to wear it for many more years to come.

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