Was she abducted by aliens? The mystery has been solved.

On January 2nd when students and staff returned from a relaxing winter break. One teacher mysteriously did not return. Our mixing spoon and long-tenured teacher Mary Bremmer did not come back to teach.

Many students and staff questioned where our beloved teacher had gone. Many rumors and questions had been asked. Is she okay? Did she retire? Is she really sick?

“I thought she would be back in a few days or a week,” said Senior Dylan Kumlin

Students thought it was just a minor leave of absence. A lot of students and staff were very worried about Bremmer at this point. It has now been a whole quarter without Mrs. Bremmer. The mystery still continues on where Bremmer may be.

Senior Cassie Bunkers said, “Does she have a serious illness. Does anybody know where she is?”

“It is all being kept under wraps, no one is allowed to know where Bremmer is,” said Teacher Kurt Konsela.

No one should worry!

BHS principal Mrs. Thompson said, “Mary Bremmer is happily retired. She has finished her requirements to retire, we are grateful for her years of service.”

Her picture is going to be put up on the wall in the Bison Room along with all the teachers that have retired from Buffalo High School.

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