Tonight’s (March 13) Section 2AA Solo and Ensemble Choir Contest canceled due to COVID-19 concerns

State High School League Cancels Competition over Scare of Virus Spreading

Buffalo High School’s choir program was to host the Section 2AA solo/ensemble contest on Friday, March 13; however, due to the threat of COVID-19, the competition was cancelled. The participants found out just hours before.

“Originally, this morning, they sent out an email that it was happening, then just in the last hour or so, the State High School League came down with the decision,” said Choir Director Zack Carlson. 

He delivered the news to disappointed students, who had been preparing their performances for months.

“None of the decisions made are made by the teachers,” Carlson said. “It’s always above us, either the administration, or above them, at the state level.”

When asked about how the cancellation will impact the program, Carlson said, “We’ll continue working, it’s just a loss in that they won’t get to perform at a high-stakes event. They’ll still perform for me, it’s just a loss of an opportunity.”

Participants have already paid in advance for the contest.

“The fees? That’s a really great question right now,” Carlson stated. Students don’t yet know whether or not they’ll be refunded.

Story by Barrett Torkelson and Bella Weiche
Photos by Barrett Torkelson

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