The Finals Are Coming

With third quarter coming to an end, teachers are at it again with the finals. One test to recap everything you’ve learned in the past weeks. Whether it be Math, Science, English, or pretty much any other class, you may be finding yourself sitting at a desk tomorrow with a big packet of questions on everything you’ve learned. These tests can help you pull your grade up, or just as easily pull it down. As you walk into classes around the school, you may notice a lot of review days where students crack open their books and get busy.

“I think it’s kind of baloney how teachers decide like ‘oh lets all give them a test on the last day,’” said Junior Jake Huston. “It really sucks and I wish they would at least stagger the days they had tests so it wouldn’t be as stressful. Or just not have finals at all, but then again the whole point of the class is to remember the things you learn…”

Some students feel the pressure of the tests would be less if the teachers were to stagger the days we have finals by subjects. For example possibly, English is Monday, Science Tuesday, Math Wednesday, History Thursday. Other students feel we shouldn’t have them at all, and some like the opportunity to bring their grade up.

“Its a lot of stress to have four finals in one day,” said Junior Cooper Ling. “Obviously unit tests and stuff make sense, but it’s hard to remember things from the very beginning of the quarter and then that affects your final grade.”

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