As new details emerge, juniors react to the 2019-2020 schedule

From Advisory and BASE to shorter passing times and daily schedule shifts, the new schedule offers opportunities for change

As information spreads on the schedule change for the 2019-2020 school year, the reactions of students and staff have varied. Some people support the schedule and like the new opportunities for support and connection it can bring, while other oppose the schedule due to the complexity and inconsistency.

However, the group unhappiest about the changes are Juniors. The class of 2018-19 received the senior privileges of being able to leave school early for the fourth quarter of the school year, but with AAA and Bison Time (the last 25 minutes of school) replaced with supportive options in the morning, seniors won’t be able to leave early next year. Administration has said that there will be some form of senior privileges next year, but losing the ability to leave early has left many current juniors confused, even frustrated with the new schedule.

“Everyone will be annoyed, especially seniors [next year], because of the privileges gone,” Junior Blade Goding said. “Once people come around and get used to it, it won’t be so bad. Thing is, with AAA or Bison Time people don’t do work unless they want to.”

Jasmine Peter mirrored the thoughts of most other Juniors, saying, “I think it’s a bad change… Seniors should have the privilege to leave early. If students needed help they could stay after school or come in early. I just don’t see how [moving AAA] will help in the middle of the day either. I’d rather have it at the end so I can work on all homework from the day.”

Junior Sami Hanson, however, had a more optimistic approach to the new schedule.

“We’ll just have to see how it all plays out,” Hanson said. “It says support time on there, which could be helpful for students. You never know who’s struggling. Maybe they don’t want to show that they’re struggling… With this opportunity… you never know who might come forward and wants to seek help from others.”

Tyler Ruiter wasn’t initially a fan, saying, “I don’t really like the change, because I like the AAA and Bison Time. But I think it’s going to be a good change, because usually when they [students] are in triple-a or bison time they’re not really paying attention, doing what they could be doing to get their grades up. So I feel like this’ll be better… because they’ll be getting their work done.”

Regardless of student opinions, school administration will still be going forward with the new schedule next year. The school board approved the schedule in April and a team of teachers and administrators have been visiting schools around the state to explore options for ways to make the schedule meaningful. As administration has said, Juniors may still receive a senior privilege next year, though what that will be is still unclear.

For those still wondering as to what the new schedule will be, check here for an entire rundown on the changes.

Photo by Jack Leipholtz

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