Snapchat: Dump or Keep?

I think the vast majority of the population of Buffalo High School knows what Snapchat is, an app that allows you send pictures, videos, and chat with friends or strangers. Now you may know about snapchat and use it, but do you really know all about it?

“My sister really wanted me to get a Snapchat, but when I got it there was an ad for the Ouija movie and I don’t support that so I got rid of it,” said Junior Alex Rasset. “I don’t like all the ads so I don’t have it.”

When Snapchat downloads are growing every more each day, the total users sending over 700 million snaps per day according to Business Insider. Like any popular, exciting app, users can take advantage of it.

“I don’t Snapchat because I don’t have anyone really to Snapchat. When I had Snapchat I only Snapchatted two people so it was pointless to me,” said Junior Christine Douglas. “And people can sext on it and I just didn’t want to be part of that.”

Since Snapchat was started there has been skeptics about it and people have a good reason to question Snapchat, their privacy policy has some loopholes. Like Snapchat can access your information and store and keep your photos, along with other false pretenses (6 Things Everybody Should Know About Snapchat and 10 things you need to know about Snapchat).

“I thought about the danger for a couple of months, and realized that I didn’t want my snaps stored in Snapchat’s database or available for government access, so I wouldn’t show my face in the snaps for those couple of months,”said Junior Max Jude.  “I later found out I was being ridiculous and the government can access anything of mine at any time, so the snaps didn’t really matter.”

Even though there are dangers to Snapchat, most active users use it for fun to talk to friends. Snapchat also has stories worldwide, like Snowpocalypse, where everybody can see it and can get a different taste of Snapchat rather than their friends.

“I have Snapchat because all of my friends have it, and that’s how we usually communicate,”said Junior Kinsey Johnson. “ I think it’s a fun app because it’s more interesting/entertaining than just texting. It’s probably one of my favorites apps.”

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