Review of The Lucky One

By Lindsey Erickson

If you fell in love with Nicholas Sparks movies, like The Notebook or The Last Song, then his newest movie of 2012, The Lucky One, is the one to see. This chick-flick isn’t too much of a tear jerker, but the romantic scenes and amazing actors Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling, will keep your eyes locked onto the screen.

Logan, a Marine serving in Iraq, finds a photo of a woman with “Keep Safe” written on the back. He experiences many situations that should have lead to his death, but he survives and believes that the only reason he did was because of the picture. He goes home on leave and goes on a search to find the woman in the picture. After finding her (Beth), he tries to tell her how he found her and why he was there, but the timing just never worked out. This problem in their relationship has led to the theme of the story.

“Start appreciating the memories you have and stop begrudging the ones you never got to make.” That quote was said by Ellie (Beth’s mom), and I believe that it sums up the moral of this love story. Beth’s struggle of dealing with her brother’s death makes her reluctant to accept her relationship with Logan. She could move on and make new memories, but she can’t overcome the sorrow of missing her brother. Her grief makes her push Logan away, and her bad decisions soon catch up with her.

Nicholas Sparks is an amazing author. The way he writes makes you realize that you can’t always dwell on the past and what happened; you have to move forward and make new memories. Even though Beth’s past is still surrounding her (Beth’s Ex Husband), she decides to move forward and have a relationship with Logan. This concept in the movie is very important because there are many scenes that her ex husband tries to convince her to go back with him. Her strong will keeps her from doing that, making The Lucky One very inspirational.

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