Poll shows student body divided on double masking

Survey shows that while double masking is viewed favorably, the practice is rare

In recent times, masking has made its way to the front of both the political and health scene. According to the CDC, double masking (layering a cloth mask over a surgical mask) raises a person’s protection level from 51% to 85%. However, a survey of 50 BHS students showed that just over half of the respondents recognize the benefit but very few students practice double masking.

Are you for or against double masking?: 52.9% Yes

Do you participate in double masking already?: 6% Yes

While double masking is a favorable idea, few have incorporated it into their routine.

Sophomore Makenna Wagner, who double masks, said, “I feel its safer for me…I want to do my part in preventing the spread of covid because it’s what I feel is the best thing to do for me and the community.”

On the other side of the spectrum, senior Hannah Neutgens said, “I don’t think it’s effective. I wouldn’t say I support it, but I follow single masking rules to make others feel as comfortable as possible.”

If double masking could be potentially harmful to people due to a pre-existing condition like asthma or if someone does not possess the resources required, creating a better fit with the “Knot and Tuck” method improves single-mask protection to 65%.

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