New bathroom signs remind students “One Person Per ‘Stuul'”

The posters have become popular on social media, but why do they exist?

Nearly a year ago, students returned from Spring Break to discover the school administration removed the bathroom doors in an attempt to stop student vaping.

This year, new anti-vaping posters have appeared in the bathrooms, reminding students that there should be only one student at a time inside bathroom stalls. One poster in particular reads, “It’s not cuul to Juul in Schuul,” In smaller print near the bottom, it reads, “One person per stuul.”

That last line has brought up a few questions among students as it has circulated in social media posts. Many wonder why the administration needs to publicize a “one person per stuul” rule when that seems to already be an unspoken rule known to all.

“There’s a much higher likelihood when students are in stalls together is where we see activity that isn’t consistent with what you should be doing in the bathroom,” said Principal Mark Mischke. “…It usually indicates something happening that’s not supposed to happen.”

“I’m not clear on something that should be happening inside a bathroom stall that would involve multiple students,” said Phoenix Learning Center’s Assistant Principal Stephanie Ward.

The newest poster to appear in bathrooms has a flowery outline and words formed as a poem. It reads, in part, “This is a Bathroom Stall, as in a single bathroom. The dictionary definition of single is, ‘Only one, not of several’. This means that there should only be a singular person in a singular stall. I’m glad we had this chat.”

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