Is the Snow Daze Dance coming back after 10 years?

There have been many rumors, but what is really going on with the winter dance?

After a teaser post hinting at a winter dance, excited students waited for more information, then, a recent post by the student council confirmed a “Bison Ball” for BHS. Posted on the bbison887 Instagram account is a short video and information for students who want to enjoy another chance to dance and relax with friends: “We are so excited to announce the first annual Bison Ball winter dance! ❄️Details: 7 pm-10 pm in the BHS cafeteria Tickets: $10 (Presale to be released) or 3 items of donated food for our NHS/Student Council Food Drive. More information to come! ❄️”

“I saw the post on a friend’s phone, I thought “Yes! A winter formal!” Because I really like dances and I think we need more. I’m a sophomore so I don’t get to go to prom, so I only get one dance,” says Sophie Begin ‘25.

Last year, in 2021, Ellie Carrik ‘22 created a petition for a new dance, it got over 450 signatures in September. The matter was discussed in the senior class meeting last year with Principal Mischke. It seemed like a very real possibility and students were hopeful, but there still wasn’t a dance. There have been rumors that this is the year it’s finally happening, and this post confirms it.

Student council advisor Mrs. Schumacher says “Yes, the rumors about a winter dance are true. We’ve had a winter event in the works since the beginning of the school year. The student council partners with the Activities Department and NHS to carry out the dance. It will be a Winter/B1 theme. Details are in the works.”

This means that after 10 years, BHS will finally join other schools with three dances. Students have been trying to get the Snow Daze back for a long time, the last winter dance for BHS was in 2013, and after some students misbehaved at the dance, it was canceled for the 2014-15 school year and hasn’t been back since. Like Homecoming, there was a Snow Week of dress-up days and fun activities before the dance. It was a way to boost student morale during the longest and darkest part of the school year. This year the dance is returning as the Bison Ball.


A new post has some dos and don’ts suggestions for what to wear to the dance.

Ava Peterson | Hoofprint.net
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