Healthy ala carte items cost nearly double other options

Apples with caramel cost twice as much as a bag of chips in the ala carte line. Would a pricing adjustment change eating habits for students?

Once your lunch tray is empty it’s time for extras. Making the choice for deliciousness isn’t always that simple. Chips $0.75 cents or apples with caramel for a $1.50. What about cookies for $0.65 cents, or fruit with dip for a $1.50. Why is unhealthy food less expensive than healthier food? Is it easier for students to choose the unhealthier items because it costs less?

In the ala carte section at Buffalo High School healthier foods such as fruits and veggies cost as much as $.85 cents more than some of the unhealthier food options. The costs difference is around the same in the real world, like at grocery stores and convenience stores.

Lunch Lady Lisa Dohrmann said, “It’s the decisions you have to make, at the store the healthier food is going to cost more, just like it does here.”

But if the prices for healthier foods went down would that be an incentive to students to choose the healthier items?

“If the fruit was $.65 cents and the chips a $1.50, oh yeah, it would be a quick and easy decision to go with the healthier food,” said Senior Cassie Bunkers.

Senior Bailey Veches said, “Although it is my parents’ money, not mine, I still think I would choose the healthier food because it costs less and I know its better for me.”

Could dropping the price in healthier foods in the ala carte line change your habits?

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