Frozen Three: Premiering Outside BHS Every Morning Before 8

BHS is locked until 8AM

On Monday evening, parents of BHS students received an email from the school stating that BHS’s doors would no longer open before 8 AM. This has led to many students freezing outside the building waiting for a way in and many confused and rushing to find alternative transportation after being given mere hours of advance notice.

This change came two weeks after an Iowa school shooting took place before the school day began, killing one student and injuring five others. Because staff members are not required to be in the building until 8 AM, the school can no longer guarantee that students will be safe there before this time. However, if students have a scheduled appointment with a teacher to retake a test, or go over missed subjects, they will be allowed in. 

While the alteration might not seem significant, it significantly changes the schedules of many activities, such as band, weightlifting, and even The Hoofprint. Other Varsity level sports have practices in the BAC before school as well. So how will students get in for these activities? Door 5, also known as the music door, will typically open at 7:20. However, as many students know, this door isn’t the most reliable. Door 8, the door by the BAC, will open by 7 AM. 

It is also important to note that while the doors are supposed to open at 8, because this is a new system, they often open a few minutes late. We recommend that students check in with their coach or teacher and figure out a way to get into the building before they’re supposed to be there.

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Olivia Telecky

Olivia (Livi) Telecky is a Senior at Buffalo High School and full time PSEO student at the University of Northwestern Saint Paul. In the future, she plans on studying abroad in Ireland and majoring in Political Sciences and Creative Writing.

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