For better or for worse; your studying routines are set in stone

Tests are an everyday thing for the life of an average high schooler. At Buffalo High School, tests are always given out to test the student’s knowledge of the curriculum. When it comes to tests, there are many different ways to prepare for them.
Ben Presler, a 9th grade science and 10th grade biology teacher at BHS, gives out tests regularly. These tests are to test his students knowledge of recent chapters or topics they have gone over.
“Generally I give out tests anywhere from 1 week after the last test to 4 weeks after the last test,” explained Presler. “I expect my students to prepare for my tests by studying the study guide. That’s the bare minimum. What would be even better is if my students read over and, not only read over the notes but understood the notes.”
Students from BHS have all kinds of different studying techniques and Presler believes that these techniques can be applied to any subject.
“I feel studying is necessary if you don’t know the content,” explained sophomore Michael Dehmer.
Michael started studying for tests way before the school year started because he signed up for AP U.S. History. This class requires summer homework and online testing before the school year even starts. Since Michael has been studying for the AP U.S. History tests for over 9 months, he has perfected his studying routine.
“I study all the materials for the upcoming test. I space out my studying sessions and study for about an hour every night for two to three nights before the test date. I study even longer on the night before the test. I tend to study more when it comes to the harder subjects for me or when the tests are larger,” said Dehmer
All of this seems pretty normal but Michael does have a unique way to get himself ready for a test.
“Before every test I like to listen to music,” said Dehmer. “As soon as I walk into the classroom I sit down, put in my headphones, and listen to rock music before the test is handed out. The music calms me and helps prepare me for the upcoming test.”
Not everyone chooses the life of studying though. A lot of students are the complete opposite. Students like Alec Wakefield and Joshua Anderson, who don’t study for tests but still manage to do well in the classroom.
“I don’t study for tests and I never have,” laughed Anderson.”I find studying to be very boring. I usually don’t have time for it anyway. Even though I know I should be studying I get caught up in other things.”
As BHS students near the end of the school year, finals week is coming closer and closer. Finals week can put a lot of pressure and stress on a student. The student is forced to put more and more time into studying for tests so that they can get the grade they want. Every student studies differently and finding your particular study routine can make or break a test, whether that means studying every night or not studying at all.

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Caleb Drews

Hello, I am Caleb Drews and I live in Greenfield, MN. I attend Buffalo High School and I am in 10th grade. I play football and wrestle for Buffalo. I plan on going to college and pursuing a career I am passionate in. -Current member of the DREAM TEAM

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