Fantasy Football involvement dominates all aspects of football fandom

For Cole Dostal, Fantasy Football makes each Sunday a week-long event

Teigen Werner | Hoofprint.net

Throughout this football season, Senior Cole Dostal, a student from Buffalo High School, has been a prominent member of fantasy football and has been very involved. His involvement in fantasy football has impacted the way he appreciates NFL games each Sunday.

“It’s fun when you win but if you lose you get absolutely trashed on by whoever beats you, it’s a lot easier to make trades though,” said Dostal.

Cole has made nearly 10 trades already this season which has helped make his fantasy football team a lot better. He is able to make these trades by communicating with his friends in the league via Snapchat or in person. 

Cole is involved in a group chat called “Fantasy.” In this group, everyone is involved in a league and they all talk about what their teams are doing. This is a great way to communicate with others about shared interests. This makes it very easy for everyone to vote on trades and put in their input on certain situations. 

Although being in a fantasy league can be fun, it is also stressful and time-consuming. It can become a big part of your life and take up a lot of time if you are super involved like many students at BHS. 

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