Career Fair: Positive Experience or Waste of Time?

What happened on Monday with the career fair and the guest speakers?

Monday, November 13th, BHS had an assortment of speakers come in and talk to students about their jobs to all grades, along with having a Career Fair available for upperclassmen. After a shortened first and second hour, students were placed in two 30-minute sessions with professionals based on their responses to a career interest survey given out to the student body last week. There were a few bumps in the road with some late or no-show speakers, and some students not being assigned a second session, but it was a great opportunity for students to hear from professionals and people who have their dream job.

“I think there were a lot of no shows, so that kind of brought it down a lot. People did all this work, and then they didn’t show up. That was kind of disappointing,” said Carter Robertson ’26.

11th and 12th graders were able to get up close with different careers, not just ones they were assigned to in the morning. The fair was held in the Main Gym during fourth and fifth period. Seniors were supposed to go during fourth block and juniors fifth block. Teachers that had a lot of seniors during fourth period ended up bringing their whole class, including underclassmen, and the same for classes with a lot of juniors during fifth period. This let students from every grade have a chance to meet with the different representatives.

“It was a good opportunity for like-minded students to come around and plan for your future,” said Princess Hart ’26.

There was an assortment of different jobs and after-high-school options for students; this included, but was not limited to, cosmetology, counseling, healthcare, military and law enforcement, colleges and secondary education, agriculture, carpentry, and city jobs. Stations for everyone were included, each student should have been able to find at least one booth that interested them.

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