Are you sleepy?

Updating your Twitter feed, liking photos on Instagram or you can’t stop watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix … A couple minutes turns into hours when you are on your phone or laptop at night.

“I go on my phone before bed and then realize I’ve been on it for a couple hours.” said Junior Sabrina Kumlin, 

The next morning you wake up with less than the recommended amount of sleep because your phone kept you awake. When using your devices at night, the artificial light releases the sleep-promoting hormone “melatonin.” It tells your brain it’s not time for bed yet.

“I feel like if I would put my phone away I would fall asleep a lot quicker than if I wasn’t on it.” said Kumlin.

If you are looking for a better nights sleep, turn on “Do Not Disturb” or put it on silent so you aren’t woken up by a text or notification.

“I always put it on silent before I go to bed so I don’t wake up from a text or notification.” said Junior Jill Golden.

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