Are the school lunches worth it?

A normal school lunch at BHS costs $2.55 not including a milk. The meal with comes your choice of main dish (depending on what is offered that day) and a choice of fruit and/or vegetable. There are many ala carte items that you can choose from as well. Overall if a student was to just purchase a regular lunch, no extras the cost would be $443.70 per year.

“I get the same thing everyday because I think that everything else they have is disgusting and I’m afraid to try anything else. The only thing I get is a pretzel, gatorade or smoothie and ice cream.” said Freshman Payton Tank.

Some students prefer not to eat what the school has to offer and bring their own food from home.

“I always bring a cold lunch because it makes me feel disgusting to eat the schools food. It’s all processed and fake.” said Freshman Marley Sanderson.

“I bring a cold lunch everyday. I can bring a lot more food than what I can afford here. It’s way cheaper.” said Junior Clay Decker.

With all of the ala carte items that are offered to our students, it’s pretty easy to go a little overboard on what you’re buying.

“Sometimes I spend around 10 dollars a day. I get a regular lunch, popcorn, dirt cake and a drink.” said Freshman Hannah Budde.

“I spend 8-12 dollars a day on my lunches. I get the regular lunch, chips, gushers and ice cream every day.” said Freshman Andrew Zeiss.

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